"Hipsters with Guns" is one of my favorite Tumblr Blogs.

Gonna try some new stuff with the cool, badass and artsy pixie Secret STAshh.

Small woman, big heart, and a very quick learner of the fundamentals of marksmanship. 

Hodge Defense Rifles and Uppers are hand built by an OAF gun nut, with an exceptional client list. If you want top tier stuff with no corners cut and zero guess work… Hodge is tops


Wanna build something close? This is a Geissele Automatics, LLC SMR Mark 3. The Mark 3 features a comfortable, slick surface and allows rails to be added via packing plates. The rail features a captured channel for backing plates, so adding accessories is quick and easy… unlike most rails which use back plate mounting systems


Eotech Holographic Weapon Sights are handy for CQB, and rough range estimation at long distances alike. 


Hi Tumblr!

I couldn’t sleep tonight so I decided to make a tumblr account specifically for my modeling. I will be using my other tumblr account for my blog/styling but wanted to make an account focused on ALL the modeling I have done in the past and present not just fashion focused shoots. **WARNING** I will be posting NSFW aka photos with nudity so if that is something that offends you or you do not want to see please do not follow this page. I am excited to start posting and sharing some of my old modeling photos as well as all the new projects I will be getting into with you so follow this page for more updates ❤😉 -Ashh



#throwbackthursday of my best friend and my shoot out in the amazing secret treehouse.

This set was apart of my “Dreampunk” photoseries, which is a story that’s a stylizied in a spin off of steampunk’s harsh darker tones, and it slightly touches with the mori-kei in some of my shoots, such as this one with shakethatashh

Some of these will be available as prints on my society6 and my 500px